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Welcome to Safe Harbours

Providing Foster Care Services

Who We Are

A Children's Foster Care Organization

Safe Harbours is a children's foster care organization that provides quality care for children in need. Our goal is to find caring and supportive foster parents who are committed to helping children achieve personal growth and success. Our team of professionals provides training and support to foster parents to ensure that the children receive the best possible care and services.

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Our Services

Foster Care Placement

Child Development Services

Education and Support

24/7 Support

Personalized Care Plans

Interested in becoming a foster parent? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

“Safe Harbours provided me with the support and training I needed to become a successful foster parent. I highly recommend their services.”

- Carly T.

“I can't thank Safe Harbours enough for the care and support they provided for my foster child. They truly made a difference in his life.”

- Ziya C.

“Safe Harbours is an amazing organization. They provide quality care and services for foster children and families alike.”

- Sarah J.

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